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Friday, August 1, 2008


It can be a daunting task planning an event with a goal of $50,000 – so I decided to break it down into numbers I can wrap my head around.

It costs $30 for St. Jude’s to Inoculate kids. That mean that if 50 people donated $30, we’d be $1500 closer to our goal!

It costs $150 for St. Jude’s to provide respiratory therapy to one child.

And $200 for Professional Fee’s for an initial work-up.

These numbers are small, our goal is large, but remembering that every penny helps is important!

And also remember that eighty-six cents of every dollar that St. Jude’s raises goes directly to research and health care services is important!

Thank you for doing what you can to help the kids and families that needs us!

And remember you can donate right here, by clicking the Chip In! Link on the right, or mailing donations to our headquarters! (Super Easy!!!)

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