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Monday, August 4, 2008

Dreams and Fears

I was hesitant to post this… it’s something I hold near and dear to my heart – but it’s also part of who I am, and part of why I am planning this fundraiser for this cause.

A little known fact, that I don't normally share about myself, is that I myself am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed a little over 3 years ago with Cervical Cancer {non-HPV} it was caught fairly early, but when you hear that “C” word, you think so many things. I don’t think I spent much time wallowing, I live my life, regardless or what’s thrown at me. I never stopped working – ever. I don’t think I was scared until the day of surgery…and eventually, that surgery and a few treatments, I have been cancer free for 3 years 5 months.

As an adult you have fears and dreams and goals, as a child you just dream. Children don’t necessarily comprehend the fight and fear that I was faced with. Their parents do. That is why a lot of these kids go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Because these kids were diagnosed with cancer. A Cancer they can’t just dream away.

My treatment was fully covered by my insurance. I was blessed!

These kids don’t have those blessings. I am asking you to help these kids dream, and grow. Live life, so that one day they have the life that we now have. Lots of people are blessed with healthy children {my family included} but unfortunately lots of families blessed with children that become unhealthy. That’s why St. Jude’s is such a blessing.

Help me, help these kids be cancer free. With Cake!

{Update: In my outpouring of emotions, I mis-spoke, St. Jude's isn't just for those without insurance, its for those that rack up expenses that insurance doesn't cover, or won't cover enough of as well.}

{Sources: colored birds, pink china, Sherbet scroll cake, White flowers with black dots, Purple flower, Birds on top, blue bubbles, Pink and red flower, twigs and bird, } Thank you Christina for the last 3 amazing cake boards!!!


*Michelle said...

My cousin Ben Barcklay was diagnosed with brain cancer at 8 years old. This meant surgery, chemo, blood and bone marrow transfusions and radiation. He and his mom lived at St Judes (and the Target House) for 2 years. St Judes paid for everything and even flew ben's dad and sister from California to visit every month.

He was on Oprah and the Today show and was featured in Redbook, so if you feel the need for a good cry, look him up.

It should be pointed out that St Judes isn't just for families without insurance. My cousins have insurance... it just wont pay the bills that rack up over 2 years of treatment AND travel AND living there while getting treatment.
I wish I lived in Gainseville to volunteer or had someway to physically help besides just donating because it really is an AMAZING place.

Denise said...

Gosh, Melissa, I had no idea!

I really appreciate you doing what you doing for the kids! I think you are an incredible soul with an amazing sense of strength!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


What a story! You should share that on your "real" blog!

Thank you for sharing, I know that had to be hard!


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